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Unifiber Aluminium HD Monocoque

  • Soodusmüük
  • €234.00

These rugged, Heavy Duty reinforced aluminium models have increased tube wall thickness and offer superb price-to-quality value. The 140-190cm and 160-210cm sizes have 26mm Reduced Diameter Grip and regular tail width. The 180-230cm and 200-250cm sizes have 29mm Standard Diameter Grip and wide tail to accommodate deeper sail profiles. Features include C-shape, integrated RDM mast adapter with extended contact area to reduce mast wear, slick double-pin adjustment, and high quality forged nylon for the head and tail sections. With precision-engineered bend curves for maximum deflection resistance, these aluminium boom models come close to matching ultimate-spec carbon booms.

  • Very durable boom due to to use of thicker aluminum wall
  • Quality boom head
  • Large sizes 180cm+ have wide boom tail accommodating well sails with deep profiles
  • Pin locker clips initially stiff, but free up with use
  • On average, weightier than other booms