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STARBOARD Lima LTD Carbon Balsa S35 2pc

  • Soodusmüük
  • €339.00

Lima paddlesXLLMS
Labapikkus (imperial)21.7"21.3"21.3"21.1"
Labapikkus (cm)55 cm54 cm54 cm53.5 cm
Labalaius (imperial)7.7"7.1"6.4"6.2"
Labalaius (cm)19.6 cm18 cm16.3 cm15.7 cm
Pindala (imperial)91.1 in282.3 in275.1 in271.3 in2
Pindala (cm)588 cm2531 cm2485 cm2460 cm2
Fixed shaft total length (imperial)87.4"87"87"86.8"
Fixed shaft total length (cm)222 cm221 cm221 cm220.5 cm
Min reguleeritav pikkus (imperial)64.6"64.2"64.2"64"
Min reguleeritav pikkus (cm)164 cm163 cm163 cm162.5 cm
Max reguleeritav pikkus (imperial)88.6"88.2"88.2"88"
Max reguleeritav pikkus (cm)225 cm224 cm224 cm223.5 cm