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  • Soodusmüük
  • €139.00


Regatta's new flotation vest in a retro-reflective material - light gray in daylight, reflective in the dark. Explorer is light and comfortable and in a classic design, combining the quality we appreciates for leisure clothing with the discrete safety in the built-in buoyancy, which in addition protects against hypothermia in an emergency situation. D-ring for attachment to the emergency and crotch straps. Adjustable fit. The product was nominated for DAME Design Award during METS 2015 in Amsterdam - the world's largest exhibition for marine suppliers!

Size: S-XXXL
Color: Grey/Retro-reflective
Weight: 0,95 kg (L)
Approval: ISO 12402-5 50N
Design protected: Reg.number: 085000

Outer material: Tested according to ISO 20471- High visibilty outermaterial - Test methods and requirements